Yadran signs up to promote good labor practices in salmon farming


According to Aqua.cl, the agreement between the Chilean company and the unions representing its workers, signed on Wednesday, seeks to move towards modern and more transparent labor relations.

Benjamin Holmes is the CEO of Yadran. PHOTO: Yadran

“We are very pleased with this agreement. As Yadran we have built up good relations with our workers and such agreements are the fruit of that. This instrument aims to protect the stability of jobs and marks an advance in very important areas, such as maternity rights protection and security, among other aspects,” said CEO of Yadran, Benjamin Holmes.

Marcelo Lipka, president of Union NO.2 is happy with the agreement and says it shows that the industry is demonstrating an understanding of labor demands.

The main points of improvement have to do with the types of contracts, protection of maternity rights, health and occupational safety.



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