“You get us the salmon and I can value it out. This is a great opportunity for Norway to move ahead.”

Katrina Poulsen

Giant American seafood restaurant chain encourages Norwegian salmon farmers to use the current situation to fly more salmon to the US and gain market value.

“We are trying to push the US government for more landings, to use this opportunity for seafood to make enrol over other proteins,” says CEO of Legal Sea Foods, Roger Berkowitz to SalmonBusiness.

Boston-founded Legal Sea Foods has been serving Americans nationwide seafood with 33 restaurants. Since the late ’60s the restaurant chain has been active, but as all restaurants are closed at the moment the company has had to let go of 3,100 of their 4,000 employees. The company has an annual revenue of US$ 220 million per year, and

The restaurant chain usually serves several kinds of fresh salmon at their restaurants from both the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Norway and Canada. But for now, the company is working on a new product line of fresh seafood to introduce to the foodservice industry.

The CEO believes that to survive this pandemic the company has to bet on quality seafood in supermarkets. Is this to happen Roger Berkowitz is hoping more Norwegian fresh salmon can be flown to the US at a cheaper price, so the salmon can compete.

“The Norwegian salmon is so expensive right now. But if the price can go down on transportation, there is a huge opportunity the next two months for the Norwegian salmon industry,” says Roger Berkowitz and explains:

“Keep Norwegian salmon coming. Norwegian salmon has a good brand. Norway was the first country to bring in salmon. It is a quality product.”

The seafood boss is aware that high freight costs are challenging the salmon industry all over but hopes governments can help. Roger Berkowitz does not have an exact answer to this matter but hopes industries as salmon farmers will be aided by the government during this pandemic.

“You get us the salmon and I can value it out. This is a great opportunity for Norway to move ahead.”


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