Young salmon born from 20 year-old frozen sperm set to be released

editorial staff

Cryogenetics used as “genetic insurance policy” for endangered salmon.

CBC writes that a project that used 20-year-old cryogenically frozen Chinook salmon sperm to fertilise salmon eggs – will see the young fish released in the Endako River, British Columbia, Canada.

In order to restore dwindling salmon stock, last year the Spruce City Wildlife Association partnered with the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

A total of 10,000 fry were removed from their trays at Canada Cryogenetics at the end of March where they incubated and are now feeding. This marks the first time that cryogenically frozen salmon sperm has been used in the province.

Spruce City Wildlife Association vice-president Dustin Snyder explained that it is an effort to restore reduced wild salmon stocks. The hatchery used mixed the 20-year-old milt combining it recent sperm.

Because of social distancing due to the coronavirus, only one person will release the fry into the river. “There’s not going to be the excitement and high five-ing that we were really looking forward to,” Snyder told the publication.


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