Young’s Seafood roll out new frozen ‘Simply Steam’ concept salmon range

The company say its new transparent packing/steam combo is a first for frozen.

Young’s has a new frozen concept called the ‘Simply Steam’ fish range which is packed in a fully transparent tray showing all the ingredients.

The company said that it created it to attract “a younger, health-conscious consumer.”

Young’s say that the low calorie product has a patented transparent tray and film feature called the ‘Perfect Steam Tray’ with each of the vibrant ingredients vacuum sealed and on show.

“Simply Steam” will first go to market in Tesco with two products: Salmon Fillet & Sweet Chilli and Haddock Fillet & Parsley.

Yvonne Adam, Marketing Director of Young’s Seafood, said: “This taps into a number of growing trends; higher protein meals, healthier meals and consumers’ desire to eat more fish. We’ve looked at the common barriers in frozen meals, such as concerns over quality, taste and visibility in packaging, and with Simply Steam consumers see exactly what they get; an easy way to balance taste and health that perfectly steam cooks in minutes.”


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