Salmon billionaire launches full scale attack at resource rent tax proposal

editorial staff

Lerøy and Austevoll Seafood owner brings up Stalin to condemn 40 per-cent resource rent tax proposal.

“We have lived in a war zone since Erna (Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg) came to power,” said Helge Møgster to DN, who believes Norway is the country with the highest political risk of the countries his companies operate in.

DN, the biggest financial daily in Norway, published an editorial supported the proposed resource rent, to which the billionaire ranted: “Your newspaper wrote that salmon tax is good. Your newspaper is going down the toilet”.

“If the salmon tax is introduced, all investments in Norwegian salmon farming will stop immediately. Then you will look for other areas to invest in. Then you will put down Norwegian fish farming,” wrote Møgster.

Møgster is not gracious when it comes to the recently presented 40 per-cent land rent tax proposal for Norwegian aquaculture.

“In his time, Stalin confiscated the values ​​of agriculture in the Soviet Union, and we know how it went,” Møgster told the newspaper.

Mowi’s chairman Ole-Eirik Lerøy also suggested that Norwegian salmon farming capital will be put to work elsewhere. He specifically refers to large land-based farms in the United States and sea cages in China.


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