Forth case of PD confirmed in two months

Editorial Staff

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is considering the possibility of widening the current restricted zone following the forth confirmed outbreak in two months.

A case of Pancreatic Disease (PD) has been confirmed at a Nova Sea-operated site at location 18936 Igerøy Ø in Vega municipality, Nordland county.

Recognising the highly contagious nature of Pancreatic Disease (PD), the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, has ordered the emptying of the affected facility at 18936 Igerøy Ø in Vega municipality to halt the disease’s spread.

Map: AquaFacts

This facility lies within a protection zone set up following a PD outbreak at 45003 Ystøya in September.

In compliance with PD control measures, all facilities within a 30-kilometer radius of a PD outbreak are required to conduct thorough sampling within a week of an outbreak.

Additionally, the authority is considering the possibility of widening the current restricted zone.

Nova Sea first reported a potential PD outbreak on November 29, after internal tests indicated the presence of the PD virus. Confirmatory samples taken by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on November 30, and later analyzed by the Veterinary Institute, established the PD diagnosis on December 5.

PD is a viral infection in salmon that leads to decreased appetite, stunted growth, and in some cases, high mortality. The disease also makes the salmon more prone to other infections. However, it’s important to note that PD poses no threat to human health, and salmon affected by PD are safe to eat.


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