Kontali acquires Nasdaq Salmon Index

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Kontali plans to introduce additional services and features to enhance the index in the future.

Norway-based seafood analysis firm Kontali has acquired the Nasdaq Salmon Index, a prominent benchmark in the salmon industry.

Nasdaq had operated the index since 2008, serving as an important reference for salmon prices throughout the value chain.

The Nasdaq Salmon Index is a well-established tool utilized by analysts, academia, investors, and banks, and it represents 95% of the index used for derivatives contracts traded at the Fish Pool exchange.

Kontali’s Jan Erik Øksenvåg, who has been the index auditor for several years, will now take on a new role to ensure the continued development of this industry-critical instrument.

“Our connection to this index is strong. Now, we are taking on a new role to ensure the continued development of this industry-critical instrument. While it will be ‘business as usual’ for all users, we have plans to enhance and introduce more services and features to the index in the future,” says Øksenvåg.

Erik Flingtorp, Global Head of Seafood at Nasdaq, expressed confidence in Kontali as the new owner of the Salmon Index.

“With Kontali as the new owner and administrator, we are pleased to see the 30-year-old benchmark history remain unbroken. Kontali has the knowledge, experience, development capacity and trustworthiness to support and strengthen the position of the Salmon Index under their own brand,” said Flingtorp

In January 2024, Kjetil Angell Kjerstad was named the new CEO of Kontali.

His appointment is a strategic move for Kontali, which is entering a scale-up phase following a digital transformation under the majority ownership of Alytic since 2020.

Kontali announces appointment of new CEO; set target of tripling revenues within three years


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