Land-based farmer to release first smolt following completion of testing

Editorial Staff

The company is set to release its first batch of smolt in the coming days.

Norwegian land-based salmon farming company Gigante Salmon has announced the completion of the testing phase for its production equipment and facilities.

The company is set to begin its aquaculture operations by releasing smolts into the first of its three production units in the coming days, according to stock exchange update issued on Sunday.

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This milestone marks the start of production at Gigante Salmon’s pioneering facility on Lille Indre Rosøya in Rødøy, Norway.

The facility’s innovative design features a flow-through system, a unique blend of conventional and land-based aquaculture methods. This system aims to address common challenges faced in sea-based farming, such as sea lice and fish escapes, while reducing mortality, emissions, feed waste, and environmental impact.

The remaining two production units are scheduled for completion throughout 2024, signifying a significant expansion in the company’s production capacity.

The company plans to provide further details in its Q4 presentation on Tuesday, January 23, at 10:00 CET.


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