Mowi and Vartdal Plast introduce sealed fish boxes to prevent runoff from melting ice

Editorial Staff

Melting ice, which leads to meltwater spilling onto roads and into ferries has been a significant concern for the seafood industry.

The world’s largest farmer of Atlantic salmon, Mowi has collaborated with packaging supplier Vartdal Plast to develop a new type of sealed box for transporting salmon.

This innovation aims to address the longstanding industry challenge of truck runoff caused by melting ice during transport.

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Ola Brattvoll, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mowi, expressed satisfaction with this development. He noted that the melting ice problem, which leads to meltwater spilling onto roads, has been a significant concern for the seafood industry, posing potential traffic hazards. The new completely sealed box is expected to eliminate this issue while maintaining the quality of the salmon.

Vartdal Plast, a leader in fresh fish packaging and EPS products, with its headquarters in Vartdal in Sunnmøre, Norway, is the manufacturer of this new box. Jan Endre Vartdal, General Manager of Vartdal Plast, shared the company’s intention to make this sealed box a standard in the industry. Vartdal Plast plans to share the design with other manufacturers to encourage widespread adoption, emphasizing their commitment to developing sustainable solutions for transporting Norwegian salmon.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has responded positively to this innovation. Kjetil Mansåker Wigdel, Department Director for Outdoor Inspection, praised the effort to resolve the runoff issue, noting the risks of slippery roads and dangerous traffic situations caused by bloody fish water from transport trucks. This development is seen as a significant step forward in improving road safety related to fish transport.


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