Norwegian police confirm intention to raise mystery freezer from sea floor

Editorial Staff

The freezer was found in the same area where missing person Stian Hole (41) was last seen.

Norwegian police plan to retrieve a mysterious freezer found deep under the sea beside a Cermaq-operated aquaculture facility in Nordland.

Missing persons clue? Police to raise sealed freezer found on seabed next to salmon farm

The discovery, made last week by a firm conducting an ROV mission at approximately 250 meters depth, has sparked hopes of solving the disappearance of Stian Hole, 41, last seen in the area.

The freezer box, sealed and recorded by the ROV, is set to be raised soon, police attorney Torje Imøy told Avisa Nordland.

“I can confirm that we will be raising the freezer. It has been decided,” he told the newspaper. “This must be done properly. It is a laborious task to get down to the seabed and secure the object in a proper way.”

Two days after 41-year-old Stian Hole went missing in Nordland in June, police escalated their investigation, employing significant resources.

Despite extensive searches on land and in water, he remains missing. Recently, police discovered a sealed freezer box near the site of Hole’s last known location, raising potential leads.

Three individuals, aged between 30 and 50, previously charged and detained in connection to Hole’s disappearance, have been released but remain suspects.

All three are known to the police and have ties to Northern Norway, as confirmed by police prosecutor Imøy. Although the discovery of the freezer box has been communicated to Hole’s family, there is currently no evidence linking it directly to his disappearance.

Kristin Fagerheim Hammervik, the family’s legal counsel, noted that while the discovery is significant, it adds to the family’s burden by introducing new scenarios to consider.


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