The exact number of dead fish has now been revealed by Gigante Salmon

Editorial Staff

The company’s share price has experienced significant volatility as a result of the incident earlier this week.

Land-based salmon producer Gigante Salmon has provided an update on the mortality rates experienced at its Rødøy facility earlier this week.

The company had released 640,000 smolt in two separate deliveries, with a reported significant mortality in the second delivery.

The company has now confirmed that 20,000 fish, primarily related to the second delivery, were found dead upon arrival at the facility. Gigante Salmon’s fish health service partner is currently mapping out the cause of this incident.

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The overall mortality after first release is approximately 3%, while the second of the two deliveries had a mortality of approximately 6%.

Despite these challenges, Gigante Salmon has assured the public that the situation at the Rødøy facility is under control and the operations are proceeding as planned.

Helge Albertsen, CEO of Gigante Salmon, commented on the situation: “All mortality, regardless of the number, is undesirable. Our job is to ensure the fish has a good life. It feels good to report that the situation we experienced after the second delivery is now clarified and under control.”

In response to Gigante Salmon’s announcement regarding fish mortality at its Rødøy facility, the company’s share price experienced significant volatility on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The shares initially plummeted by 20 percent to NOK 7.60 on Tuesday morning. However, by 9.00 AM Thursday, the price had partially recovered, and was last trading at NOK 9.00 following the latest stock exchange update.