Tech innovation to take centre stage at NASF 2024 – and rightly so

Matthew Wilcox

The opening day of NASF 2024 will feature nearly 70 presentations showcasing the latest technological breakthroughs and solutions.

One of the salmon industry’s most important gatherings, The North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) is poised to kickstart its conference in March with a day dedicated entirely to the technological advancements reshaping the seafood industry.

Tagged ‘Technology Tuesday,’ the opening day will feature nearly 70 presentations from a broad spectrum of organizations and companies, each showcasing their latest technological breakthroughs and solutions.

The emphasis on technology at the conference underscores the critical role innovation plays in the seafood industry’s evolution. By dedicating a day to technological advancements, NASF highlights the sector’s need for sustainable growth strategies that can keep pace with global demand and environmental challenges.

The convergence of experts presenting on gene editing, aquaculture feeds, and sustainable practices reflects an industry at the cusp of significant transformation. Something ever more vital in the face of mounting public pressure.

Technologies such as CRISPR gene editing have the potential to revolutionize fish breeding, leading to healthier, more robust stocks, while advancements in feed aim to optimize growth and minimize environmental impact. The focus on insects as feed indicates a shift towards more sustainable, circular economy models.

Moreover, the commitment to improving seafood quality for consumers demonstrates a keen awareness of market demands for premium, ethically-sourced products.

This technological pivot is not just about keeping the industry competitive; it’s about ensuring its resilience and sustainability in the face of global ecological pressures, changing consumer behaviors, and the drive for operational efficiency. NASF’s ‘Technology Tuesday’ is therefore not just a showcase of innovation but a bellwether for the industry’s future direction.


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